SS Monica & Luke Church

SS. Monica & Luke joined together in 1980. Our church family recognizes and celebrates diversity by continuing many of our old traditions of fellowship while seeking new methods to meet the needs of the 21st century. In 2007, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of St. Luke, the 80th anniversary of St. Monica, and the 25th anniversary of SS. Monica & Luke. As we celebrate over 200 years of worshiping the Lord, we continue to look to the future and the next generations.

Kids Corner

Our Mission

We, the members of SS. Monica Luke Catholic Church, strive to form communion with the followers of Jesus within our parish, region, and across the globe, proclaiming our talents, celebrating our diversities, and demonstrating through various ministries how together we can advance the Mission of Jesus Christ.

Social Media Ministry

Some people may wonder why the church is getting so involved in social media. We are now into the 14th year of the 21st century. If the church is to remain a viable and living institution in a rapidly moving society, the church—like most businesses and people in general—is going to have to become more engaged with the challenges technology presents to us. Many of us here at SS. Monica & Luke are very much aware of this.

It is our goal to inform the parishioners and the greater community at large about who we are and what we do. Social media only enhances who and what we are. Social media, when managed properly, only helps spread our message.

It is our hope that through the use of social media we are able to extend a hearty welcome to those who have fallen away from the church and welcome them back home. At the same time, we want to extend that welcome to those who may be thinking about becoming Catholic. We want to engage all through this new medium and help spread the good news of Christ within our community.

Pastoral Staff

Society of The Divine Word

Father Mark Weber
Father Bob Kelly
Father Antoine Leason
Father Aberlardo D. Garbriel, Jr.

Parish Life Director

Michael L. Cummings

Mass Schedule

At our church, we host mass every Sunday morning from 10:00 a.m. until about 11:30 a.m. The mass begins in song which is then followed by a full mass session. Each mass ends with a closing hymn and prayer. Members are able to make special prayer requests during the mass.

Holy Day Vigils

We also offer holy day vigils, the dates of which will be announced soon. These include a celebration of the birth of Christ at Christmas as well as the resurrection of Christ at Easter. Please check back periodically for updates regarding the vigil calendar.

Holy Days

Our church also hosts holy day masses. These start out with songs then go into a prayer session. From there, the message of the week is given before the mass ends in a closing prayer. Please check back soon for the holy day.

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